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7 unique wedding confetti ideas

Did you know that the tradition of throwing confetti at a wedding has evolved from ancient Rome? They would shower the bride and groom with sugar coated nuts and confectionery – giving us the word ‘confetti’!

However, before paper confetti came along, flower petals, grains, seeds or rice would be thrown. The reason for this particular wedding favourite was to bestow prosperity and fertility on the newlyweds.

Lots of churches and other venues don’t allow paper confetti to be thrown or have restrictions on where you can use it.

TOP TIP – It’s always best to find out from your vicar or venue what you can or can’t throw on your big day – and remember to let your guests know. And if you are allowed to throw paper confetti – make sure it’s biodegradable – this clever little stuff dissolves in the rain and looks great in the photos.

wedding confetti

wedding confetti

wedding confetti

 Steve Woodley Photography

So, what are the alternatives to paper confetti?


Get some little pots of bubbles to hand out to guests before the wedding or use a bubble machine for some mess free fun. This is a great option for a summer wedding, but not if it’s raining outside!

wedding confetti


wedding confetti

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Flower petals

Use fresh or dried petals for a romantic touch. These could be colour coordinated with your wedding theme and homemade with love into little guest bags.

wedding confetti



If you’re getting married in the Autumn this will make for fantastic photography shot. Collect your own and leave to dry. This alternative idea is both completely fun and a little bit quirky – especially if you’re going for a rustic wedding theme.

wedding confett


wedding confett



Colourful and environmentally friendly, plus it will smell fantastic.

wedding confetti



Another biodegradable idea is to use small bird seeds. Some couples opt to make little seed pouches to hand out to guests labelled ‘love birds’ confetti.

keep the seeds small to avoid any injuries, but be prepared for some feathered friends to join the party if you do use seeds.

wedding confetti



A popular alternative to paper confetti (more favoured by our American counterparts) but has the bonus of being easily swept up.

Mini pom-poms

A really fun, colourful and quirky alternative to paper confetti for your wedding.

wedding confetti

Whatever idea you choose for your Isle of Man wedding day, make sure you have enough for all of your guests – and enlist the help of your ushers or flower girls to hand out your confetti options. You could even set up a confetti bar!



If you’re not setting up a confetti bar though you may also want to delegate the role of informing any guest of the venue’s confetti rules to the groomsmen to prevent any upsets later on.

Lastly … it’s also a good idea to inform your photographer of what you’re planning so you can capture the moment you exit the ceremony perfectly!

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