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Have you heard of ‘the money dance’?

Have you heard about the ‘money dance’? Neither had we until a recent wedding in the States!

This is a tradition where guests donate a small amount of money (anything from £1) to the bride and groom, to secure a short dance with them on the dance floor. Usually organised by the maid of honour or bridesmaid, cash is collected (or stuck onto the bride and grooms’ outfits!!) and then a line forms – traditionally for the males to dance with the bride, and the females to dance with the groom. The idea behind it is that the bride and groom gets a chance to have one on one face time with guests and the guests get to wish them luck.

Whilst this etiquette definitely isn’t for everyone, and I don’t think many British or even Manx couples would be totally down for this, alternatives have developed such as giving the bride and groom play money, asking for a note with wedding advise, or simply scraping the exchange altogether and giving the guests a chance to dance with the bride and groom for 30-60 seconds.

Have you ever seen this before? If so, let us know your thoughts in our chat group! It stirred up a lot of happy faces for this wedding – and to be honest it was a really nice way to have a special moment from the point of view of a guest.

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