How to cut down your wedding guest list
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How to cut down your wedding guest list

How to cut down your wedding guest list

When planning your wedding you will no doubt be filled with a tremendous amount of excitement, however when it comes to choosing who to invite to your wedding, it can suddenly become very complicated and stressful as you try to fit in all your wedding guests on your budget.

Rest assured this is a process that every couple goes through and the truth is that most of us can’t afford to invite absolutely everybody we would like to invite to for our wedding.

However there is a simple and relatively painless solution – trimming. Sort your guest into two categories A) those that absolutely have to come to your wedding (your closest friends and family), and B) your ‘would like’ to invite.

You should then start to trim your second list by asking yourselves the following questions:

  • How close are you with this person?
  • When was the last time you saw or spoke to this person?
  • Would having him/her there on your wedding day really add to your enjoyment of your wedding?
  • Would you regret not inviting them?

You should also think about the people that really matter to you and think about leaving out old school friends that you don’t really have time for, extended family that you never see and co-workers and associates.

Another good idea is to consider making your wedding adult only, which saves the costs of inviting children (especially if there is likely to be lots of children). You can also cut costs by inviting your single guests without a plus one, which may at first seem a bit stingy but if your single guests are true friends, they will understand. You can also seat all of your single friends together so they can have fun and mingle without feeling on their lonesome. To be honest, no one wants to turn up to (or pay for!) their wedding not knowing half of the people there because most guests are single and bringing a plus one.

However the most important thing to remember is not to feel pressured into inviting people you don’t want to. It is your wedding day and it’s not up to your friends, mother or parents in laws etc. to tell you who you should be inviting, it should be a decision between you and your partner.

Don’t forget to agree how you want to split your guest list though. You may have mutual friends, but one of you may have more friends than family to invite, or the other way around. It’s always fairest to try and keep a 50/50 split, although you may find that one of you has more people to invite to the wedding ceremony, and less to evening celebrations, or visa versa.

Top tip: when feeling stressed when planning the finer details of your wedding, think about the reason that you are getting married!

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