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Money saving tips for a budget wedding

Organising your wedding on a budget can be difficult. As you get further into your planning, costs start to add up and it sometimes feel like people only need to hear the ‘w’ word and they’ll be putting their price up. But there are ways to keep your cost down and you can still have one of the most special days of your life, just without the massive price tag. Read on and we’ll show you some of our money saving tips …

Guest list

The guest list is one of the easiest places that all initial planning starts spiraling out of control. There’s extended family, school friends, partners, children and that’s before you even looked at the groom’s side. Try not to keep adding guests, make a ‘definitely invite’ list then only add others if you can afford to. Think about who you’ve actually spoken to and met up with in the last year – that should help. For further help take a look at our blog post on How to Cut Down your Guest List.

Utilise your guests

Instead of a wedding present, ask your guests to help out with the day. Maybe one of your friends is crafty and can make the invites, or one is an expert baker and can make the dessert or wedding cake. DIY-anything will cut costs in a lot of places and your guest’s help will ease the workload off you. Get a team together to make your own decorations, centrepieces and use fake flowers instead of real (or ones in season). These areas that will save a lot of money and are the perfect place to add unique touches to your wedding. (See some of our DIY tutorials here).


Choose your venue carefully

Compare prices by looking at different venues and don’t dismiss local venues that perhaps wouldn’t be your immediate first choice – dressing up a venue can completely transform it (check out how to use lights to transform your venue here).

Having an open mind when you’re on a budget is absolutely key. Be creative and inventive, and don’t feel pressure to conform.
You might also consider asking if your venue will let you supply your own alcohol and food (at least in part). This will save a fortune and can be a fun way to add personal touches such as your own labels for alcohol bottles, homemade cocktails, mocktails and speciality dishes and treats. You could also think about scrapping traditional 3 course sit down meals and opt for fish and chips or a big hog roast! Simple and fun, and something your guests will definitely remember – whilst being cheaper than a full sit down meal!

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Go for a midweek celebration

Having your wedding on a weekday can seriously cut your supplier costs so take a look at the full pros and cons by reading our weekday wedding post.

Dresses and tuxedos

There are so many high street brands who have their own bridal wear collection at extremely affordable prices. Even if you want to splurge on your own dress, there are a lot of choices for bridesmaid’s dresses and suits where you could save money.

If you’re booking an appointment at a local bridal shop, you can always ask to see their sale/last season dresses first, so you don’t fall in love with a dress out of your budget.

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There’s also the option to rent tuxedos for the groom and ushers and you could sell anything you buy after your wedding to make a bit of money back. If a close friend or family member has a dress they would like to pass on, this could be a great way to add sentimental value even if you just use bits of the dress if making your own. Read our blog on ideas for re-using your mother’s wedding dress here.


Choosing an up-and-coming supplier is often cheaper than booking one who has years of experience. Make sure you are happy with your choice by meeting with them first and viewing their previous work. Just because someone isn’t as experienced or has only been around for a couple of years, doesn’t mean they’re unprofessional and won’t do an excellent job. If you’re on a budget, be savvy with your suppliers and don’t fork out where you don’t have to.

You could also use your own music and speakers to save even more money, and for hair and makeup, approach a local student. Ask for a trial so you know exactly what you’ll get on your big day.

Remember to always ask suppliers for a complete breakdown of costs (including VAT) with any add-ons to avoid expensive surprises (for example album costs and digital print copies from your photographer). Take a read of our Questions to Ask your Photographer, Wedding Venue and Wedding Caterer to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Ask a favour

Do one of your friends or family members have a nice car you can borrow for the day? Order a car bow and have your very own wedding transport for the day. You can do the same for things like wedding accessories and jewellery.

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Instead of asking for gifts on your wedding day, set up a honeymoon fund and let guests know on the invitations that should they wish, they can contribute a wedding donation.

Keep a note of everything

It’s really easy to forget about all the little things – so make sure you keep a track of your finances and download our free Total Wedding Budget Planner. You can use this to note down amounts owed, deposits etc. and crucially, see what’s left to pay and how much your wedding is costing you overall.

Be in the know

Make sure you find are among the first to find out about local wedding offers and promotions by signing up to our newsletter and following us over on Facebook and our Facebook Chat Group.  The fab local companies that we work with often have some amazing special offers which you can take advantage of. You can also contact us to get one of our Wedding Discount Cards posted to you! This card enables you to claim amazing discounts from local wedding suppliers! Find out more here.

Are you planning a budget wedding? What money-saving tips do you have? Let us know!

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