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Our Best Tips for Wedding Shoe Shopping

We were recently asked by one of our brides in our Chat Group if we could do an article all about wedding shoes.

So our latest blog post covers top tips for wedding shoes shopping, everything you need to think about in terms of wearing your new shoes in, matching your dress, pampering your feet and practice walking.

Think about the heel size

Those skyscraper heels might look phenomenal but ask yourself this question. Can you comfortably wear them all day? The last thing you want is for your feet to be sore on your wedding day. There will be a lot of standing around, photographs (maybe outside), dancing and walking down the aisle in front of all your friends and family. Make sure you choose a heel size that’s appropriate for all of these activities (and make sure it’s not going to catch your dress either!)

I personally went for low heeled peep toe heels. They were perfect because they gave me a bit of height and I felt fancy in them, but they were also very wearable and I had no issues with my feet being sore.

Another point to think about is the height of your partner and how tall or not you want to stand in relation to them in the photographs. If there’s not much height difference between you both then you probably don’t want to come out being taller (again this is personal preference).

Decide on your budget

You really have two choices when it comes to buying your wedding shoes. Going all out and getting some exquisite designer ones that you would never normally buy. Keeping them as a keepsake, re-wearing or reselling them after your wedding day. OR buying a more reasonable pair and putting that money towards something else. Not many people are really going to notice your wedding shoes too much (unless you don’t have a full-length dress), but the most important thing is how you feel in them.

Neutral or bold?

No one says that wedding shoes must be white, cream or beige. If you want bright red shoes or even custom multicoloured, or fabulous personalised Swarovski® Crystals converse then go for it. We absolutely love Alaska Crystals personalised heels, trainers and converses. On this note, think about whether you will need a second, or even third pair of shoes for A) outdoor photographs B) dancing.

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Wear them in

Our BEST tip is whatever pair you choose, WEAR THEM IN. There could be nothing more fatal than popping on a brand new pair of shoes on the morning of your wedding only to have red, swollen and sore feet a few hours later. Get them worn in, the earlier the better. Just walk around the house in them!

Pamper your feet

There’s no better time to sort out any feet issues, or even just have a nice pedicure before your wedding day. If you have peep toe shoes make sure your nails look in great condition – and if you are going on honeymoon straight after the wedding you can enjoy them on the beach too!

Practice walking!!!

I am not a big heel wearer. The last thing I wanted was to trip up and fall over walking down the aisle – especially in a big dress. Practice, practice, practice!! Don’t look like a new born lamb. Get used to your heels so you feel confident and look comfortable walking around in them. Don’t underestimate this is your more accustomed to trainers like me!

isle of man wedding shoe shopping

Bring your shoes to your dress fittings

Once you’ve decided on your dream dress, the next thing on your list should be getting your shoes sorted. This way, you can bring them to all of your dress fittings, so your dress can be adjusted according to your heel height. This is important.

Who knew there was so much to think about for wedding shoe shopping hey? If you enjoyed this post, give us a comment in our chat group.

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