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Pets at your wedding

We all know pets become part of the family and so having them at your wedding is something that’s important to a lot of couples. But, like children, pets can be unpredictable.

It’s not just as easy as turning up on the day with your pet in hand, there are things to plan and prepare for before your wedding to make sure your pet’s role is a special one and not a nuisance.

The pet you involve doesn’t have to be just a dog either. If you have a horse you could ride in on it and exotic animals can work great in your photographs.

However your pet is involved, it is another way to put your own personal touch on your big day and share your big day with your loved animal(s). Follow our guidance below to help your pet-friendly wedding run smoothly. We’re covering everything you need to think about for having pets at your wedding.

Talk to the venue

The first step is confirming with your venue that pets are allowed and in what areas they are allowed in. Once you know this, ask that water and treats are available at every stage of your big day to give you one less thing to worry about.

As well as this, bring your pet to the venue before your wedding day if you can. Going to a new place is strange for any animal, give them a chance to get used to it by bringing them to the venue whenever you go.

Talk to your photographer

Make sure your photographer knows in advance that your pet is going to be involved in your wedding. Not only can they plan for that perfect picture, it also gives them chance to fully prepare for the day.

You can also involve your pet in your engagement pictures, which will give both you and your photographer a better idea of how it might work on your wedding day.

Talk to your guests

Just because you adore your pet doesn’t mean all of your guests will. Write a note on your invites to let them know that your pet will be there on the day so that they can prepare for factors such as allergies.

As well as this, think about asking one of your trusted guests if they will be a pet sitter, or consider hiring one. On the day, you don’t want to be worrying about your pet and so having someone there to look after them will take all of the stress away.

What is your pet’s personality like?

Deciding how obedient your pet is will decide how involved you want them in your wedding. There are no guarantees on the day but if you think your pet can handle a situation like your wedding ceremony then you could choose to give them a big role.

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You might want them as the ring bearer, maybe they’ll walk down the aisle with flower girl or perhaps you will carry your pet instead of your bouquet – whichever scenario you choose, make sure you have a backup on the day, you never know if your pet is going to play by the rules.

Make it safe

If you are dressing up your pet, make sure any costumes are safe for them to wear. Also, check that the flowers and food aren’t hazardous to your pet.

Are you involving your pet in your wedding? How big a part will they be playing on your big day? Let us know by posting in our Facebook Chat Group!

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