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Top tips from real brides!

We are so pleased to have featured so many truly beautiful, thoughtful and memorable Isle of Man weddings at Your Big Day, we wanted to recap on our top tips from some of our featured brides and grooms.  There’s often nothing more stressful than being in full swing wedding planning mode, so sometimes it’s great to take a moment and reflect and gain some insight from those that have gone before you! Some great advice here so make sure you take a read from these local Manx couples!

Some of the best advice taken from our Real Wedding stories …

Joanna and Adam

joanna and adam real isle of man wedding day (1)

  • Don’t stress the little things. Don’t let the wedding become your life. Adam and I got some great advice off a friend.  One night a week, do nothing wedding related and don’t talk about the wedding. Just enjoy each other’s company.
  • When waiting for RSVPs, remember that your wedding is not as important to other people as it is to you.
  • Once you have your ideas from magazines or your Pinterest board… Stop looking. Otherwise you will want to keep adding, which can get expensive and can just stress you out even more.
  • Try to think about what you both want, not what other people want. We were lucky as we just did what we wanted, but I have heard stories when that’s not the case with a lot of people. So put your foot down and don’t be scared of the title ‘Bridezilla’.
  • On the day, you both should take some time out and just go and say hi to each other as a married couple, you won’t see each other much on the day as you’ll find yourself chatting to all the guests/dancing.
  • Don’t take everything on yourself.
  • Have a tick list!
  • Enjoy being married afterwards … no one ever tells you how nice it is.

Hayley and Adam

hayley and adam real isle of man wedding

Try and do as much as you can, as early as you can!  Also don’t forget to think about the guests if you want your day to be memorable.

Bethany and Nathan

bethany and nathan isle of man wedding real wedding

  • Enjoy it! At the time the planning can seem so stressful, but once all is said and done you will miss the wedding planning nights and the buzz leading up to the wedding.
  • Take some time out of your wedding day just for you two even if it’s just 5 minutes; it’s something you will really appreciate after!

Natalie and Rob

Don’t let anyone else tell you how to have your day, do it the way you want it to be.

Elaine and Mark

  • Give yourself plenty of time, focus on what’s important to you, accept offers of help and enjoy the process.
  • Let everyone (ushers/parents/bridesmaids) know the timings/plan for the day.
  • Use reputable suppliers and take their recommendations on board.

Rachael and Paul

Rachael and Paul real isle of man wedding (5)

  • Give yourself plenty of planning time so you get the venue and photographer you want as they can get booked up very quickly
  • Take any help offered especially if you are making your own invites and favours as they can often take longer to finish than you think, plus you can make it fun and use the occasion to catch up with your bridal party.
  • Set up a separate email account so that guests are able to RSVP and send you pictures from your big day.
  • Ask your bridesmaids to take pictures of you when you are trying on wedding dresses, it was the best thing my bridesmaid did as you are able to look back on the dresses before you make your decision and it is nice to look back over them after the wedding.
  • Make a list of the group photographs that you would like and give it to your photographer or bridesmaid.  This will ensure that you have all your group photographs captured on the day as it is easy to forget all the different group photos you would like.

Stephanie and Andrew

Try and do as much as you can as early as you can! Find out what licences you need, we nearly missed getting a music licence by one day!

Katie and Lyndon

Sometimes it’s best to spend less time thinking about minor details (that seem massive at the time) as it just causes stress! We only had a 12 week engagement and managed to squeeze all of the planning/organising in and we received fantastic compliments regarding the entire day and night.  The process was quite hard work at times, but due to doing it all so quickly, we never lost sight of the meaning of it all (marriage).  Some couples who have long engagements may get bogged down with the marathon planning.

Gemma and Richard

Remember that the wedding is about you and your partner so make sure it is what you want and how you want it. Keep good notes about what you have planned, who you have spoken to and what costs are. Things can spiral quickly!

Roxanne and Christopher

Roxanne and Christopher real wedding isle of man - your big day (11)

Don’t let too many people get involved! Stick with what you know you want and don’t be pushed by family members.

Kelly-Ann and Leonard

Whatever you want to do just do it, it’s your special day, you only get one day that’s purely all about you so over indulge and don’t try to please anyone else but yourselves as you will never keep everybody happy! It’s your day so have fun doing it your way.

Hannah and Christopher

Hannah and Christopher Isle of Man Wedding

  • Try not to let anyone cause you drama or stress, we had a few problems with our guest list, but you can’t invite everyone as much as you would like to. I am soft and struggled but you just have to draw a line, it is your day and it should be your decision on how it goes.
  • As mentioned above, as hard as it is, try and take in every second of the day because it is gone in a flash. Also as soon as you have an idea of what venue or extras you want, get them booked. I was lucky and booked as soon as we got engaged, but I know people who have not booked straight away and have been disappointed.
  • Finally, just try and enjoy every part of it from the planning to the actual day because it goes by so quickly.

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