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Wedding inspiration for a pregnant bride

As an expectant bride, the first thing you might be thinking is the inconvenience that comes with that extra bump but there are plenty of ways to make your big day go easier. This is still the best day of your life, and with a baby on the way, it’s an even more precious memory.

Timing is quite important for a pregnant bride and if you can get married in the second trimester this could be the most comfortable time of your pregnancy – your morning sickness should hopefully be gone and you won’t feel on the verge of popping.

Wedding dress

Before you start looking for your dress, talk to the bridal shops in advance so you know which will have the appropriate dresses to try on. You don’t need to specifically choose a maternity dress, you could always get a bigger size of the right dress. Choose one that is flowy around your growing belly, an empire line/waists is ideal for this and will show off your best assets – your bump and breasts! Also, make sure the material is pregnant-appropriate. Avoid stiff material, instead, choose light and airy so it is breathable and keeps you cool. You’ll also be going to the toilet a lot more, so pick a dress that’s easy to do this in.


Ask your dress maker or bridal shop about your alterations before you commit to buying it as they can get expensive. You need to know about any last-minute add-ins such as stretch fastenings in case you get a sudden growth spurt.

It’s hard to know exactly how big you’re going to be. Try to wait around 8 – 12 weeks before your wedding day to get your dress so you have a better idea of your size but as a general rule; add an inch to each measurement for each remaining month of pregnancy from now until your wedding day.

Your best accessory

One of the best things about having a bump is that it can be a great accessory. Stick to classic dress styles and minimal jewellery as your bump can be shown off and provide some beautiful and romantic photograph moments. If you’re only going to have a small bump on the day and you don’t particularly want to show off, talk to your photographer about strategic flower placement for photographs.


Choose flat or low-heeled shoes for comfort and think about your feet swelling – you might want to wait until closer to the day to buy your wedding shoes so you know your true size.

Your hormones can be working for or against you on your big day. You might have the gorgeous pregnancy glow, with luscious hair and skin. Or, your hormones might be causing havoc on your complexion – it’s a bit of a gamble in pregnancy! Therefore, consider using some of your budget on a makeup artist who can make you feel as special as you should on your big day.

Enjoying the day

You’re going to enjoy your day no matter what, but you need to look after your body as well. Staying hydrated is so important and just because you can’t have the champagne doesn’t mean you have to stick to boring drinks. Have a mocktail menu on hand for cool and refreshing drinks and always have a glass of water nearby. If your wedding guests don’t know you’re pregnant and you want to keep it a secret, they’ll never know if you’re drinking mocktails and if they offer you a drink simply decline and say you want to remember your wedding day – no one can argue with that!


While you’re having your drink, take some breaks off your feet to avoid swelling and to relax! Don’t take on any extra stress both on your day and leading up to it, there are plenty of people around to you to help.

Also, make sure the right food is on offer during the day. You will need snacks throughout the day for energy and to curb any cravings you might be having. Talk to your caterer about the food options to make sure there is plenty you will enjoy – a hungry (and pregnant!) bride is never a good thing.

Finally, you could also surprise your guests with a gender reveal as part of your wedding day celebrations. Local couple Bethany and Nathan did their gender reveal using the colour of their wedding cake when they cut into it! Awesome idea.

Are you going to be a pregnant bride? What are your preparations for your big day? Let us know! Keep reading for more blog posts below.

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