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What to expect from your Wedding Budget

Weddings can be expensive – this isn’t breaking news. We all know weddings often come with a big price tag (it’s a massive event after it!), but what we don’t always know is exactly where your money goes.

And although prices are different wedding to wedding, a Cinderella-style isn’t going to cost the same as a DIY rustic glam theme for example, there are certain parts of the day that carry the highest price tag no matter if your wedding is big or small.

We’ve taken a look at averages and where your costs might start to add up to help you prepare your wedding budget and so you know exactly what to expect.

So how much does the average wedding cost?

According to recent figures, the average wedding costs around £20,000 – £30,000 – an eye-watering amount for many! Whether or not you’ll be paying for everything yourself, it’s hard to believe that a wedding can cost this much but without knowing the complete money breakdown, it can be easy for the amount to start tallying up.

And just because this is the average figure, doesn’t mean your wedding budget has to be anywhere near this amount – there are plenty of ways to cut costs which you can read about in our blog on top tips for a budget wedding here.

Where does most of your budget go?

Depending on what you include in your wedding budget, the most expensive items are usually the:

Although these are the most expensive, they are also some of the most flexible aspects of a wedding. Outfits can be second hand or bought on sale, venues can be non-traditional and a lot cheaper during the week rather than a weekend, and you could request money as a wedding gift to contribute towards your honeymoon.

With the most expensive items in mind, you should consider what the essentials of your wedding are and which items you’ll have if you have enough money left over.

Though all couples are different, we’ve helped separate the ‘essentials’ and ‘would like to haves’ to start you off. The above list covers a lot of essentials for your wedding but we’ve also included the things that should take the highest priority.

The Essentials

  • Documenting your dayphotographers and videographers allow you to record your special day in some form. Read our blogs on how to choose your wedding photographer and should you hire a videographer to help you decide what is essential for your wedding.
  • Entertainment – if you are having any form of wedding reception you will want something to entertain you and your guests. You don’t have to go all out and book absolutely everything but you will probably want to at least book a wedding DJ, photobooth or entertainer.
  • Outfits – the bridesmaids, groom, mother-of-the-bride all cut into your wedding budget and you want everyone to feel great on the day. Set aside some money to make sure the whole wedding party feels amazing. In lieu of wedding gifts you could also ask your dearest about how they feel about contributing towards their own outfits, especially if it’s likely they will wear them again.

Would like to have

  • Flowers – wedding flowers are expensive but not something you necessarily need. Consider using wildflowers or even fake flowers to dress your venue up and remember wedding lights can really transform a plain reception.
  • Cake – yes, the cutting of the cake is a traditional part of the day but you don’t need a traditional wedding cake. You could opt for cupcake towers which will be cheaper and you could choose a simpler rather than intricate and labour intensive design to save on costs.
  • Transport – realistically as long as you get to where you need to be on time, it’s not essential you have a classic car or similar as your mode of transport. Consider what ‘like to haves’ are most important to you.
  • Favours – you can thank your guests without expensive wedding favours. Saving more of the budget for cheaper drinks or an open bar will be thanks enough!
  • Invites – wedding stationery is one of the first impressions of your wedding, but you don’t have to eat into your budget too much to get the best invites, there are plenty of crafty ways to make your own, or to keep your design simple with cheaper materials when using a local crafter.

How are you sticking to your wedding budget? Have you found it easy or difficult? Let us know! in our Facebook Chat Group!


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