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Surviving the big day… and beyond

Planning a wedding is exciting, energy consuming and filled with negotiation and marriage isn’t any different – it needs commitment to make it work. Every marriage is different, but common to all are the ups of romance when the sun seems to be always shining and the downs of the tough times when winter seems to have set in for good. How we navigate each season determines how well we have planned for the next one.

The myth is that you can build a perfect marriage – there is no such thing. However, you can build a strong marriage with strong foundations that are dug and built by creating a rock solid friendship underneath the intense ‘in love feelings’ which like sand can drift away with the wind of life.

Our marriage preparation course will help you develop the tools you need to build these foundations by helping you understand your strengths and areas of growth.  It features a great mix of video clips, helpful guidance and down-to-earth stories.

You will have the opportunity to chat through a variety of relevant topics and explore what you want your marriage to look like. There are no role plays or group work so all discussions are kept private.

Our course is so popular, 98% of all couples who attend say that they would recommend it to other couples!

Facilitated by licenced facilitators and held over one day (6 hours), these courses are informal and relaxed, at cosy venues and with lunch and refreshments provided at no extra cost.

Booking is easy-just go to and register your interest.

The next marriage course date is Saturday 12th May 2018 – early booking is advisable as this is a popular course.

We will reply with confirmation of your booking. You can also check out our helpful videos, our Marriage Support Leaflet and articles for ongoing marriage support at



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Marriage by Design - go for it!

26/05/17 by Mairi Lockwood

My fiancé and I attended the Marriage by Design course with the aim of going into our marriage with eyes (and hearts) wide open and it was simply brilliant.

Our facilitators John and Alison were welcoming and spoke very candidly about the realities of marriage. This created a safe space for tackling subjects we hadn't really thought of until then.

It was challenging! We found we did struggle with some subjects which is exactly why it is so important.

We really benefitted from hearing about the importance of shared values, the love languages, which, once you learn about them seem so simple and obvious, and yet we had been getting them all wrong until we discovered what our languages are.

And then you have the lighter moments, sharing what we love about each other, and what we remember most from our first dates. That was a lot of fun.

The format is brilliant, totally complemented by the facilitators and we both wholeheartedly feel this course is a must, not only for couples getting married, but also for those simply committing to each other. We've had a brilliant helping hand towards building our family home.

Thank you Care for the Family and thank you John and Alison!

Marriage By design Review

23/05/17 by Matt Rees

We were welcomed really well and felt really relaxed over the course of the whole day. Each section of the day was challenging and thought provoking which prepared us well for our upcoming marriage. It helps you to speak about the questions you feel to awkward to say or that you truly have never thought about! I would recommend it to all couples who are about to get married.

5.0 5.0 3 3 My fiancé and I attended the Marriage by Design course with the aim of going into our marriage with eyes (and hearts) wide open and it was simply brilliant. Our facilitators J Care for the Family

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