Celtic Gold

Celtic Gold, 5 Michael Street, Peel, Isle of Man

Celtic Gold, a family ran business based in Peel, has been creating wonderful Celtic rings and jewellery for 30 years. Using designs from Manx patterns, The Manx Gaelic Language and the famous Archibald Knox, Celtic Gold has an array of truly stunning jewellery for your Isle of Man wedding day.

Whether you are looking for a beautiful engagement ring or your wedding bands, Celtic Gold can provide Celtic style rings, inscribed Celtic rings, stone set rings, as well as plain wedding bands.

Perhaps you would like to incorporate the Manx Three Legs onto your wedding bands, a Manx translation of a saying close to your hearts, or a translation in Runes or Oghams, Welsh, Scottish or Irish. Whatever is important to you.

Constantly evolving and producing new designs, Celtic Gold’s jewellery is available in Silver, 9ct yellow, white or rose gold, 18ct yellow or white gold, Platinum – and for their range of plain or Celtic rings, the option of Paladium is also available.

If you are looking for something completely unique, Celtic Gold can also create one off pieces just for you and to your budget requirements, which won’t be replicated or found anywhere else. If you have a design or dream ring in mind, feel free to get in touch to discuss – all rings are manufactured right here in the Isle of Man.

Looking for a wedding gift? Celtic Gold also stocks stunning diamond jewellery pieces, watches, engraved glassware and much more. Pop in to take a look for yourself .

A short message from the jeweller

One of the greatest moments about being a jeweller is handing over the finished wedding rings to eagerly awaiting customers. You can actually feel the anticipation and excitement as they watch the box open to reveal their wedding rings for the first time. Normally they can’t try them on quick enough. Although they have obviously been through the process of choosing their design and metal type, these are their wedding rings, in the correct size, made just for them, a symbol of their love and commitment to each other. I always get a buzz from this process, it’s an honour and a privilege to produce such important and personal objects that will be cherished forever.

Opening hours:

9.15 am – 5.00 pm Weekdays

9.15 am – 5.00 pm Saturdays.

Plus selected Sundays and Bank Holidays.



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