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Chloë and Max’s Christmas Proposal!

Better late than never! It’s taken us a while to get this beautiful story out to you so we are so thrilled to be sharing Max and Chloë’s very special Christmas proposal! We’ve met this couple quite a few times now and we can honestly say they were absolutely made for each other.  These love birds first crossed paths in May 2016 and they met over a fence – literally! Max had moved in next door to Chloë and one day they just started chatting. Chloë fills us in on the rest …

Your Love Story

We met officially at the end of May 2016. Max was renting with some friends, whose dogs escaped. I found out and went looking on my own, and I met Max who was driving round looking for them too. We went round the area together looking for the dogs. Luckily we found them nearby, so panic over! A bit later I went round to check to see if the dogs and his car were okay – he had driven quickly over potholes so I thought I should check to see that he didn’t get a puncture ;).  I found Max very attractive, and I really wanted to get to know him better. Max says that I was very friendly, and was genuinely interested in getting to know him!

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After chatting for a bit Max asked me out on a date! On the 29th May we went to Peel for an ice cream and a walk round the castle. We shared our first kiss, and chatted for hours at Peel and later Dalby.

The Proposal

Max proposed on Christmas Day 2017 at The Sefton, where we were having Christmas lunch with members of both our families! He had really thought about it and planned it well. The waiter brought us all an extra glass of champagne, to welcome my grandparents back as they had stayed at The Sefton last Christmas. I didn’t suspect anything, until I saw my Dad had his camera ready!

It turned out my ring was in my glass, which I didn’t see until Max pointed it out! Max got down on one knee once I’d found it, although I had to check he had as I couldn’t tell at the time. When we watch the video back he’s taller kneeling than when he was sitting! It was absolutely amazing! The only downside was my Nan missed most of it! To be fair, my grandparents didn’t know Max was going to propose.

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Tell us how you felt …

Max felt anxious about how it would go but the staff were great in making it a day to be remembered. He knew I would say yes, as we had talked about it before.  I was nervous as I could tell Max was nervous and I guessed something was going to happen, but it was an amazing surprise! I’m so happy to be engaged to Max.

Max kept telling me to look closer into the champagne flute, because I hadn’t seen the ring in the glass! I started to cry, then said yes.

The Ring

The professional description of my ring is a platinum single diamond ring with diamond shoulders. Most importantly, it’s beautiful and it fits.

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Your Wedding Plans

We have set a date for 20th April 2020. We’ve put a deposit down on the Mount Murray. Fingers crossed, all will go to plan! We’ve chosen a spring wedding, so that’s what we’re aiming for at the moment. I’m very excited but nervous about the planning as I realise there’s a lot to plan and working out finances will be difficult. I’ll be using Your Big Day to help us plan!!


Such wonderful news for this loved up pair! We can’t wait to see how your wedding plans unfold! If you are recently engaged, and would like to mark your special occasion with your own feature on our website, just get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!


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