Nicola and Simon lapland proposal isle of man
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Nicola and Simon’s Lapland Proposal

We are delighted to share the magical Lapland proposal story of Nicola and Simon! We loved how Simon surprised Nicola and we think you will love this special moment too!

How did it all begin?

Before we got together as a couple, we spent time together as friends with our kids, watching them getting to know each other. Things naturally progressed between us, and we tried to spend as much time as we could together whilst juggling our work and kid’s commitments. We tried to have a few short trips to the UK & staycations on the Island to make sure we had plenty of quality time together. Before long, we knew we were right for each other and we moved in together. Since then, it’s been a journey of blending our family. Which as you can imagine has had its moments – but every moment has made us stronger and we can’t wait to continue our adventures together.

Tell us about the proposal!

It was the 10th December 2017, and we had decided to take the kids (my two, Chloe and Josh, and Simon’s daughter Jasmine) on a surprise trip to Lapland. The day was amazing – from the early morning “Santa Express” flight up to Finland from London, to getting into our snowsuits and having a snowmobile transfer across the snow and frozen lakes. We enjoyed husky rides, reindeer rides, an Ice Castle and lots of sledging and fun in the snow.

It was almost our turn to go and find Santa, and we were waiting in a gorgeous little cabin with an open fire and blankets to keep us warm. Simon took the kids to one side of the room (I was busy taking photos so didn’t think why!) and the next thing I knew the kids appeared holding t-shirts that read, “Mummy will you marry Daddy?” and Simon was next to me with a ring in his hand!

Nicola and Simon lapland proposal isle of man

Nicola and Simon lapland proposal isle of man

I felt shocked, emotional and extremely happy! I was already feeling blissfully happy as Lapland is just beautiful, but Simon had made it magical!

What were your first reactions?

My first reaction was “what’s going on?!”. The shock had set in by that point; we had spoken about marriage but the proposal had completely thrown me off guard. The shock quickly turned to happiness and me saying yes (a lot)!

The kids were in tears they were so happy, my mum, who was also there, had joined the kids in happy tears. We had a lot of emotional hugs, we took some pictures to make sure we could look back on it and the next thing we knew, an Elf appeared at the door and we were whisked away on a snowmobile to see Santa.

What is the ring like?

The ring is gorgeous, I still can’t believe he picked it himself. It’s a rose gold & diamond, princess cut ring – just perfect!

Nicola and Simon lapland proposal isle of man

Who were the first people you both told? 

Well actually, Santa was officially the first person to know, as the kids burst into his cabin and told him! After that, when we got back to London, I messaged my two best friends Ann & Kerry and Simon told his brother James.

Nicola and Simon lapland proposal isle of man

Have you made any wedding plans yet?

We are already well into the planning stage! It will be late August this year! I don’t think the kids (or us for that matter) want to wait longer than that! We have always said if we were to get married, we would like a destination wedding. Italy has a special place in our hearts, so we will be jetting off to Rome for the wedding ceremony with family and close friends. Then we will be having a wedding reception/celebration party back here in September. It will be a rustic, chic Italian wedding and we will be using that theme for the party as well.

Nicola and Simon lapland proposal isle of man

Have you chosen your bridesmaids, maid of honour and best man yet?

As it’s not a traditional wedding, our kids will be picking up the wedding party roles and they can’t wait! We’ll have close friends there to help the kids out and carry out any official maid of honour and best man duties.

The girls have been searching for their dresses since Christmas! Josh can’t wait to be best man and he’s already asked can he do a speech.

How do you feel about planning your upcoming wedding?

Excited, slightly daunted by the Italian paperwork but mostly excited and we can’t wait to start seeing our plans come together into a reality! Checklists and budgets will be ruling our lives for the next 8 months to make sure both the Italian and local events are going to plan! We will be considering different ideas that we can use for decorating both venues and suggestions on how we can get creative ourselves to make it unique.

Do you think you will write your own vows?

I think we will also write our own vows, once we’ve got our head around the Italian process. It’s something we will talk about but I’d really like us to write our own to make it more personal.

Who are you using to help you plan your wedding?

We’ll be using Your Big Day for help and ideas for the planning of the IOM Reception and making the most of all that local knowledge and experience!

A big thank you to Nicola and Simon for sharing their beautiful engagement story! What a lovely way to ask someone to marry you! We wish you the best of luck for your Italian destination wedding, and can’t wait to help you plan your local celebration for September! If you are recently engaged, and would like a special write up to share with friends and family too, just get in touch. We would love to hear from you. Keep reading for our next real life proposal story below.

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